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ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate

ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate

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Oxygen lives your health!

Oxygen is the basic element to sustain life. We can survive without food and water for few days. However, we cannot survive without oxygen for just a few minutes. Oxygen is the basic element to stimulate cellular metabolism in body to promote total health balance

Oxygen deficiency causes premature aging & Diseases

There are many metabolism disorders occurred and increasing risk of many chronic diseases in body always suffers from oxygen deficiency at cellular level. Oxygen deficiency can cause some discomfort symptoms such as dizzy, poor concentration, tiredness, sleepy, poor memory power, low working performance which quite affected to the daily life. The long term of oxygen deficiency can increases the risk of chronic diseases especially to promote tumor formation, per-mature aging, blood circulation disorders etc due to toxins accumulation. We should always keep the body in high oxygen environment to prevent chronic diseases relating to oxygen deficiency due to the environment issues.

Dr.Otto Heinrich Warburg, a Germany Scientist who had won Nobel Prize (Medical) year 1931 has found that low oxygen level (<65%) at the cellular level can increase the risk of cancer and tumor formation.

Low oxygen condition stimulates the over production of free radicals on body. Free radical is an unstable substance which lack of electron and can attack and damage healthy cell through oxidation reactions. Oxygen deficiency and free radical are the two main factors to speed up the pre-mature aging process and increase the risk of chronic diseases due to cell damaged and cell mutation.

The Unique of ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate

1. Formulation is based on the principle of scientific

Human are looking second source of oxygen supply due to the environmental pollution. Based on the research that had carried on by some global scientists, water is another good source of oxygen supply for human being and helps to improve oxygen deficiency condition. This is the basic way to keep the body healthy and prevents some chronic diseases in body. ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate utilizes a unique proprietary water splitting technology to create "Free Spinning' oxygen and important hydrogen in the body. Many scientists agree that most diseases and infection is caused by oxygen starvation at cellular level. Energized Mineral Concentrate may help to generate more oxygen!

2. Arising of dissolved oxygen level of water up to 40%

Based on the laboratory test on dissolved oxygen which done by PERMULAB Sdn Bhd, ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate can increases the level of dissolved oxygen of filtered water up to 7.26mg/L (5.17mg/L form starting) or 40% increasing of dissolved oxygen in water. The increasing dissolved oxygen can be absorbed rapidly by body cell at cellular level and improves the condition of oxygen deficiency in body.

3. Able to eliminate and prohibits the growth of harmful bacteria

Based on the challenge test of ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate which had done by PERMULAB Sdn Bhd, Malaysia on selected harmful bacteria, the result has found that ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate can eliminates and prohibits the growth of harmful bacteria in body:

  • E.colli: causes diarrhea, vomiting and food poisoning etc
  • S.paratyphi: causes diarrhea, gastro intestinal infections, typhoid
  • S.aureus: causes food poisoning, lung infections etc

4. Nanotechnology applied to provide rapid absorption of mineral complex

ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate provides at least 68 types of ionic trace minerals which presenting in high zeta potential and smaller structure. Ionic trace minerals can promote better and rapid absorption by body cell at cellular level. Furthermore, ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate provides abundant of antioxidants to neutralize free radicals in body to prevent chronic diseases and pre-mature aging.

5. Natural plant sources extraction

ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate is a high safety consumption of health supplement which provides natural and preservatives free nutrition product to promote total health balance. ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate has certified as safe product and do not cause any side effect through the basic safety analysis tests on microbial and heavy metals which done in laboratory


  1. Purified Water
  2. Plant extracted enzymes
  3. Plant source amino acids
  4. Trace minerals

Main Benefits:

  1. ATP2 Energized Mineral Concentrate provides a series of enzymes which helps to break down the toxins and by- product to promote cellular detoxification and better blood circulation through removing wastes from body.
  2. Promotes better detoxification at cellular level thus to improve blood circulation and oxygenates blood and body cells. This is the key to enhance normal cellular metabolism towards a total health balance.
  3. Enhance energy production to reduce tiredness and keep the body energetic.
  4. Creates a high oxygen environment which able to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria thus to minimize inflammatory of infection diseases.
  5. Neutralizes the excessive of free radical in body to protect body cell from damage due to oxidation reactions.


Wake up: Add 4 drops respectively in two glasses of water and drink freshly after waking up to promote better detoxification.


Do not mix with dairy products (milk or soy milk).

Please take an hour later if you have just taken any medicines and milk products.

Keep in dry and cool place.

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Last Updated: Friday, 27 November 2015 11:46
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